Health & Physical Education

Physical activity, sport and recreation play an important part in the lives of all Australians by providing opportunities for challenge, personal growth, enjoyment and fitness.

At Montmorency South we promote the rights of all children in the school to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle. It is our aim to develop students’ confidence in using movement skills and strategies to increase their motivation to become active as well as to improve their performance and maintain a level of fitness that allows them to participate in physical activity without undue fatigue. We also aim to build understanding of how training and exercise in areas such as strength, flexibility and endurance relate to physical performance.

To facilitate these outcomes Montmorency South has a specialist Physical Education teacher to coordinate and deliver the physical education program and has recently installed a large astro turf oval and running track to enable year round use. Along with this wonderful facility we have 1.5 hectares of both passive and active play areas for the children to explore and enjoy.

Montmorency South also offers a range of specialised programs including:


An intensive swimming program for children in Prep to 2 and 3 to 4 along with a school swimming carnival (Years 3-6) with the opportunity for successful children to compete at district and state level.


A range of opportunities exists for children in years 4-6 to participate in the athletics program, with successful children having the opportunity to compete at district and state level.

Perpetual Motor Program

The Perceptual Motor Program is an activities-based program designed to develop fine and gross motor skills and increase confidence in movement.
Children from the Prep-2 year levels participate in this motor coordination program with the assistance of trained staff and parent volunteers.

Coaching Clinics

Over the school year the children are able to participate in a range of specialised coaching clinics including: basketball, football, soccer and rugby.