Our Principal

Montmorency South Primary School has established a reputation for offering high standards of excellence in education based on a caring and individual approach. Our motto ‘your child; our priority’ is at the very basis of all our programs and organisation.

Montmorency South Primary School is located close to Eltham within a pleasant and attractive environment and near public (bus) transport as well as Greensborough and Doncaster Shopping Centres. Our school community is noted for its friendliness and openness. Community involvement in the school at various levels is high and can range from helping at working bees to involvement on School Council. Their input is seen as vital to the running of our school. Parental expectations that their children will succeed in their education are also high.

We aim to provide a positive culture for learning and personal development throughout the school community. Using the Tribes program and process as a resource, we strive to develop a positive environment that builds connectedness among our students, parents, staff and other adults with whom we work.

As part of our Strategic Plan , Montmorency South Primary School is aiming to create a learning environment for students that prepares them to live in a rapidly changing world, caters for their personal needs and passions and excites their thirst for learning.

The school has a range of excellent facilities including:

  • Artificial turf oval and athletics track
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden
  • Notebooks and interactive whiteboards throughout the school
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • 1 to 1 iPad program (Years 3-6)
  • A well equipped library
  • Large Gymnasium
  • Performing Arts / Music room
  • Large playground areas
  • Play based learning program (Prep area)

Our class organisation is based on Prep, Junior (Years 1-2), Middle (Years 3-4) and Senior (Years 5-6) with straight grades at all levels. We deliver for students a broad program with a depth of learning that engages them and progressively increases their capacity for independent learning. Great emphasis is placed on the learning areas of English and Maths and we strive to develop each child’s skills to their maximum individual potential. Our program includes a range of enrichment and intervention programs to support students with special needs. These include extension maths classes, Tournament of the Minds, Chess, Kelly Sports and an oral French language program.

Sport and the Performing Arts are well catered for at MSPS. There is a specialist Physical Education program across the whole school, supported with enrichment and intervention programs. Lunchtime sporting activities such as basketball competitions are also offered. Additionally, drama classes are conducted in all year levels and students are given the opportunity to participate in the school choir, Joining the Chorus, a School Christmas Carols, concerts and School Ensemble. Private tuition is also available in a variety of instruments and the opportunity to perform at various events. The school is also very proud of our choirs.

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) is incorporated into all classroom programs. Facilities to support the programs include sets of notebooks, i-movie making equipment for student use and access to interactive whiteboards. We also offer a  1 to 1 iPad program for our students in Years 3-6.
The school also has a keen interest in the environment and has installed water tanks for use in the kitchen garden area and the student toilet area. We have a native reserve which we maintain with Banyule Council support. This reserve has numerous native grasses and orchids and is also the natural habitat of the copper butterfly.

Please feel free to contact the school at any time to discuss areas of concern or interest. It is important that any association you have with MSPS is a happy and rewarding one for both you and your family.


Leanne Sheean 
Montmorency South Primary School