Year 4 Classroom Clippings

This week in year 4, we have been doing more work on our unit.

We have watched another episode of MY PLACE about a boy named Michaelis. His family were migrants from Greece. Michaelis wants to be like other Australian children. We had to put ourselves into Michaelis’s shoes and imagine what it would feel like if we were him.

We also played a game called RABBITS AND BILBIES. Half of us were rabbits and the other half were bilbies. We had certain rules we had to live by, just like the aboriginals and the first white people that came to Australia.

As part of our unit, we have been reading Anh Do’s book The Little Refugee. Later this week, we have to email out teachers to let them know what we would like to research. We are enjoying our unit.

In maths we are working on place value. We did a fun activity where we got straws, rubber-bands and a dice. Then we bundled the straws and gave them their place value.




Xavier 4C, Darcy 4R and Emily 4D