A group of enthusiastic mathematicians participated in maths quest called MTQ (maths talent quest). We chose a mathematical topic to study and spent two terms working towards our finished projects.


On Wednesday the 21st August the MTQ group went to La Trobe University (where the projects are gathered for judging). We viewed many of the fabulous projects on display. Congratulations to:

Tara, Matilda, Fraya, Laura, Ella.H, Ashley, Ella.C, Jamie.W, Brannon, Abbey.T, Sarah, Alan,Tali, Luke. Mackie, Keely.L, Keely.T, Verity, Lily C, Josh.M, Alysia, Jade and Harry for completing the quest this year.

Maths Talent

A special congratulations to Laura and Darby Liersch (class 2012) for successfully making it through with a High Distinction which takes them to the finals.

Also a big thank you to Leanne Sheean for encouraging us to take this opportunity.


Another thank you to the mums and dads who drove us to La Trobe University.

We appreciate you giving up your time.


By Brannon, Sarah and Jamie.