Kitchen Garden Program

From the Kitchen

Great News!

Kitchen Garden recipes are now accessible through Compass to all Monty South families.

Log in as usual to Compass, click on the Communities icon, click on School documentation and you will find the MSPS Recipe book. Recipes are indexed by category.

Happy cooking!

This week in the kitchen we have taken a brief look at ‘food specific’ cultural perspectives.

Other countries enjoy foods that we may have a different perspective on. Snails and frogs legs in France, barnacles in Spain and weeds in Italy are very commonplace. We might find it difficult to understand why people enjoy eating these foods. It is just our perspective. What do people in other countries think about or love of Vegemite?

We have enjoyed a feast of French Fougasse bread, a Spanish inspired chorizo and chickpea stew, a summer vegetable frittata, an Italian peasant style salad and Tuscan grape harvest cakes.

From the Garden

Good soil is the secret to healthy plants, so the more you can understand your soil, the better. This fortnight in the garden we’re looking changing the students’ perspective of ‘dirt’ as just plain dirty, to understanding its real value for life on Earth.

We’re doing some experiments to help determine the percentages of sand, silt, clay and organic matter in our soil in different spots in the garden. Determining the texture of your soil will guide you in amending it to the perfect balance and improving productivity.