Montmorency South Primary School is a school where staff, students, and parents all enjoy the mutual respect and caring essential for growth and learning.

We aim to create the best possible environment to enable children to explore their potential and to cater for children’s individual needs.

Our vision is the healthy development of every child so that each has the knowledge, skills, and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Our objective is to provide a positive and varied academic program for the students which includes:

  • Quality educational programs.
  • Focus on achieving good Literacy and Numeracy results for ALL children.
  • The Early Years Literacy and Numeracy programs are fully implemented.
  • Promote and nurture a close relationship between home and school.
  • Highly trained and motivated staff with a commitment to their own learning.
  • Regular staff training and Professional Development to ensure teachers’ skills are updated.
  • Integrated units of work involving Language, Technology, Science, Health and Humanities, develop children’s thinking and inquiry skills and focus on real life and relevant experiences.
  • Group work and co-operative learning are a feature.
  • Environmental education is focussed on within the school through our school vegetable garden, frog bog, compost, worm farm etc.