After School Programs


Code Camp at MSPS

After-School Code Camp allows kids to hone their coding skills and keep practising through weekly sessions over the term!

Students will produce multiple games and apps using our exciting online platform Code Camp World!

We have made Code Camp World as accessible as possible so students can truly focus on the fun aspects of coding and carry on their journey at home.

Each week students will choose the features they want to build, and advance their problem-solving skills to build these features using code. They will take ownership over their projects and collaborate with their peers to make awesome apps!

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Chess is the original and enduring “thought sport” played throughout the world and has many benefits for young people. These include improved cognitive skills as well as self confidence and resilience.  With the coaches who rank among the best players in the country our chess programs are tailored to suit the needs of all abilities. 

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During School Hours


Guitar Lessons

Contact: or 0458 162 362