Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program gives the opportunity for students from Grades 3 to 6 to participate in Kitchen and Garden classes.

The beauty of this program is that students learn as they plant, grow, harvest, prepare dishes from their harvest and share a meal together.

The menus change fortnightly and focus on a cuisine from around the world.  Menus are driven by the season and inspired by classroom enquiry studies. ‘Pleasurable food education’ is the guiding motto of the Stephanie Alexander Program.

The program operates with the generosity of parent and community volunteers as they help guide the children through simple dish preparation. Kitchen classes are held on a fortnightly rotation. We welcome and encourage parent participation in these fun and informative classes. You do not have to be a Masterchef to participate!

Please contact Cathryn Hulme (Kitchen Specialist) for more information.