Here at Montmorency South Primary School we have the most amazing, well stocked library. This space is used by all classes for one library session per week. Depending on students’ interest and reading abilities, they can borrow up to 3 books per week from our vast range of picture story/fiction and non-fiction texts. Diversity is important and helps the students with their reading development and comprehension.

We run lunchtime library at different times throughout the week where students can come into the library to read, draw, play games, do puzzles etc. The students love this time and it is really special to see the interactions between the different year levels. It is also a great time for students who find outside too noisy and just need a quiet space to just be.

We participate in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Students who are committed to the challenge are recognised at a whole school level.

We celebrate Book Week with the most amazing book parade. The staff perform a skit which is filmed and then shared throughout the school. Our students absolutely love this time of year as do our staff. It’s lots of fun for us all.

We have author visits during the year. In Foundation and Year 1 we have an author do a story telling performance and in Year 2 to 6 we have authors run a writer’s workshop. These are such informative sessions and ignites the student’s passion for literacy based learning.

We have a membership to Story Box library which gives students access to the most up to date books to read and enjoy in a fun and engaging way.

Each year a group of students will be selected to attend YABBA (Young Australian Best Book Awards). This is an amazing opportunity for the students to meet our top authors and illustrators. It’s such a fantastic event and one that the students will remember.

We make available the Scholastic Book Club brochures so the students have the option to buy books to continue their love of reading at home.

We have library captains who help support in whole school events such as the book parade, help to run lunchtime library, speak at assembly to advise of special things that are happening in the library, promote the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, sort and distribute Scholastic orders and help by putting books away and maintaining general tidiness of the library.