Student Leaders

Montmorency South Primary encourages active participation in school matters through the Junior School Council and the appointment of Student Leaders. The contribution that the student’s can make towards the running of the school is highly valued and appreciated.

We are proud to have enthusiastic, confident and capable students who look forward to participating in these roles as they progress through their primary schooling.


School Captains: - Alexis McIntosh & Nicholas Makridis

School Vice Captains:- Brianna Johnstone &  Lachlan Brown

Sports Captains: - Marley Kottmann &  Cooper Sikkes

House Captains:-


  • Captains – Sienna Fernandez & Harry Curtis


  • Captains – Courtney Jones & Matthew Cook


  • Captains – Anastasia Minuzzo & Noah Dewdney


  • Captains – Tiah Mercuri & Joshua Weddle

Library Captains:- Morgan Baddeley, Hamish McColl & Declan Watson

Performing Arts Captains:- Jade Harrison, Alex Cole & Monique

Visual Arts Captains: – Monique Lewis, Jeremy Pezzin & Marra Zamfirescu

Sustainability: – Cailey Noons, Callum White & Laura Brearley