Parent Information

We place high importance on the school relationship between school and home because the best outcomes are achieved when we all work together.

We achieve this through:

  • An extensive transition program for kindergarten children which prepares the children (and Mum and Dad) for the big step of starting school.
  • Training programs for parents about literacy teaching and learning are run each year.
  • Parent helpers in classrooms are a vital part of class programs.
  • Regular parent teacher interviews are timetabled.
  • We have developed parent friendly report formats and student portfolios to better inform parents about their child’s progress.
  • Parents are also encouraged to discuss issues with class teachers as they arise.
  • Children’s progress is tracked and parents are informed and consulted if there are any problems.
  • Individual Learning Programs are developed and parents and teachers work together to assist children if they are having problems with learning.
  • The school is part of the Innovations and Excellence program which focuses on the needs of students in years 5 – 8 and aims at strengthening links between primary and secondary school.
  • Parents have the opportunity to be involved in many important roles within the school including: School Council, Parents and Friend Association, working bees, volunteering in the library, helping in the classroom and on excursions and school camps and by volunteering their expertise and experience in a range of areas.

Download a copy of the Prep-Student-Induction-booklet-2016