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Dear Monty South Community,       
Welcome to Term 3, 2020 which is shaping up to be another exceptional term at MSPS.

Sincere gratitude is extended to all community members and in particular, to our students for persevering through our second stage three lockdown. Thank you for being cooperative, responsible and adaptable. This is helping to keep yourself, your family and your community safe. 

Remote learning
We have been very happy with the way the students have returned to remote learning and we are so proud of their amazing efforts to complete the work required and link in with their teachers as needed.

One staff member told me the work produced this week (from Prep to Year 6) has been a real “mood lifter”. For them, seeing students completing tasks with the help of their parents and siblings and having students complete tasks together over Facetime/WebEx has really made things seem little bit brighter. Some families are being so creative with this round of remote learning and it’s made the staff member really appreciate being part of the Monty South community. 

Thank you
We’ve had some lovely feedback, which is always pleasing to receive.  Some has been around the change to the specialists’ tasks being sent out the day before the catch-up day, rather than at the beginning of the week, as was the case last term. The change came about for a number of reasons, but it does suit the specialist teachers. We have a lot of part time specialist staff who are only able to provide feedback to students on a particular day. Loading it the night before also makes it consistent with what is happening across the school.

However, if you have two or more children and you would like them to do the task together as a family, there is no reason why you can’t delay completing the task until later in the week when it has been delivered to all your children. We are more than happy to accommodate your situation. One thing we do know is there is no right or wrong way for families. It is important to do what best suits your situation. 

Video message
Jenny Hutchinson has prepared a video for students and families to help welcome everyone back to Term 3, 2020. This is intended to help refresh and motivate the students and prepare them for phase two of flexible and remote learning. You can see the video on the MSPS Facebook page.

Thank you Jenny for doing such a brilliant job.
Data reporting conferences
I would like to encourage all parents to take up the opportunity provided with Data reporting conferences this week, to discuss your child’s learning and the progression they have made.

As we have made these sessions longer because the staff are also reporting on Semester 1, we have a reduced number of timeslots. In some classes, not everyone will be able to find a timeslot, hence, we have opened up Thursday 30 July to parents for Conferences, from 9am to 5pm if needed. Nevertheless, Wednesday is still the official Conference day. Thursday will be a consolidation/catch-up day for remote teaching and learning.

As Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 July fall under the remote learning guidelines, onsite supervision will continue to be available for those students who have previously been accessing it.

Face masks
As mandated last week, all staff at school are required to wear face masks in all areas of the school when not teaching. Students who attend primary schools for on-site supervision will not be required to wear a face mask. Children who are aged 12 by Year 6 will not be required to wear face masks as recommended by the Victorian Chief Health Officer. In some cases, students are choosing to wear one and that is fine by us.

Parents/carers must not enter the school unless wearing a face mask. The Department of Health and Human Services website has advice about face masks including the different types that can be used; how to make your own; how to safely wear one and how to safely remove one.

We are still going to hold virtual school assemblies every fortnight to again provide opportunities for our Year 6 school leaders. This will be a little more difficult as the students are mostly off site but we feel we can do it. Of course, with data reporting conferences happening this week, virtual assembly will not commence until, Wednesday 5 August.

Baby news
Congratulations to Harry Sullivan (PB) who has a new baby brother,Darcy Jack Sullivan, who arrived on July 8. Harry and his other brother Flynn were very excited to welcome the new arrival. Mum, Liz is home now and Harry, Flynn and dad, Luke are helping look after her and Darcy. 

Also some wonderful news for ex-staff member Amy Duckworth who is expecting her first child in September. I spoke to her last week and she is feeling fit and well. We wish Amy and Mick our very best wishes as they embark on this exciting time.
Warmest regards,
Captain’s corner
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