Hi all in our MSPS community

I am just sending through a link that I received today regarding a presentation for families from Michael Carr Gregg  on September 15th.  It can be found at:
He did another webinar  recently which was well attended with over 1200 participants.  From all reports it was very good.  Apparently, the presentations book out extremely fast and so I am sending it around today, hoping those that wish to attend will be successful. 

There have been no more updates from the Department regarding Term 4 at this stage.  I do know they have teams of people considering multiple factors, such as K-P transition and also Year 6 to 7 transition and student well being. As soon as we hear, I will let you all know.  Again, thank you for those that contributed to the remote learning survey Term 3, we have collated the results and  discussing with staff and school council next week.

Kind regards,
Leanne Sheean