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Chess At Monty South

Chess is the original and enduring “thought sport” played throughout the world and has many benefits for young people. These include improved cognitive skills as well as self confidence and resilience.  With the coaches who rank among the best players in the country our chess programs are tailored to suit the needs of all abilities. 

Here is the parent sign up link:

During School Hours


Parent Information

We place high importance on the relationship between school and home because the best outcomes are achieved when we all work together.

We achieve this through:

  • An extensive transition program for kindergarten children through our Bridges to School program and our formal transition sessions, which prepare the children, and their parents, for the big step of starting school.
  • Training programs for parents about literacy and numeracy teaching and learning.
  • Parent helpers in classrooms being a vital part of class programs.
  • Regular parent teacher interviews.
  • Parent-friendly report formats to better inform parents about their child’s progress.
  • Parents being encouraged to discuss issues with class teachers as they arise.
  • Tracking children’s progress and informing and consulting with parents if there are any problems.
  • Individual learning plans (ILP) so parents and teachers can work together to assist children if they are having problems with learning or need extending.

Parents can be involved in many important roles within the school including: School Council, Parents and Friends Association, working bees, volunteering in the library, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, helping in the classroom, on excursions and school camps and by volunteering their expertise and experience in a range of areas.

2022 School Council Approved Parent Contributions

Parent Contributions for the 2022 school year are now available to view and pay on Compass. An explanation of the Parent Contributions for each year level is attached to this Compass News Feed. Payments via Compass ‘Course Confirmation/Payments’ can be paid in full or via the 3 instalment payment plan option for curriculum and extra curricular items.

Due dates for instalments are:-

Initial instalment (or payment in full) due 28 January 2022

2nd instalment due 25 March 2022

3rd instalment due 27 May 2022

4th instalment due 22 July 2022 (years 5 & 6 only)

For a confidential discussion about arranging a more flexible and personalised payment plan, please contact Paula Hogan, Business Manager or 9439 6201.

If you are having issues with Compass or have forgotten your password, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) application form is in the below link. Eligibility criteria must be met.

Year Prep MSPS 2022 Compass Payments Description Info

Year 1 MSPS 2022 Compass Payments Description Info

Year 2 MSPS 2022 Compass Payments Description Info

Year 3 MSPS 2022 Compass Payments Description Info

Year 4 MSPS 2022 Compass Payments Description Info

Year 5 MSPS 2022 Compass Payments Description Info

Year 6 MSPS 2022 Compass Payments Description Info






Seesaw is a platform for the students to share their work and create a digital portfolio. Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. It’s simple to get student work in one place and share with families, and nothing is shared without teacher approval. Seesaw has been extensively used across the school during Remote Learning.


To order uniforms:

RHU have a retail store located at 1/902 Main Road Eltham. Uniforms purchased online can collected from their store or delivered to the school.

Opening times

Monday 9am-5pm

Tuesday 12pm-5pm

Wed 9am-3pm

Thursday – Closed

Friday 9am-3pm

2022 Montmorency South PS Price list

RHUniforms Website

Our sport polo shirt / uniform is available to all students. It has not been designed to replace our usual uniform and it may be worn on PE days, special sport carnivals and events.

2023 Prep Students 

Foundation Promo 2023 Montmorency South

Offer valid from 1 November to 21 December. All orders over $150 receive a free lunch cooler bag.

2023 Prep students can also book a personalised fitting appointment at the RHU Eltham store via the website.

Our sport polo shirt / uniform is available to all students. It has not been designed to replace our usual uniform and it may be worn on PE days, special sport carnivals and events.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They are made fresh at our school by My mum and I.

Lunch orders can now be made online.

Student Wellbeing

Montmorency South Primary School is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students.  We understand that students reach their full potential when they are happy, healthy and safe, and that a positive school culture helps to engage students and support them in their learning. Our school acknowledges that student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are closely linked.

Montmorency South is an inclusive learning community where students are inspired to be respectful, creative, curious and independent learners.  We believe that every person in our school community has the capacity to assist each student in attaining our vision. Our motto is ‘Together we learn, lead and achieve.

A strong sense of belonging is fundamental to fostering a safe, purposeful, engaging and inclusive learning environment. The development of social competence, resilience, motivation and healthy habits are therefore essential ingredients in the comprehensive and challenging curriculum we provide.


Setting MSPS apart from many other schools is its values based learning approach known as TRIBES. The TRIBES mission is to ensure the healthy development of every child to have the knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful in our rapidly changing world.

The TRIBES approach creates a positive learning environment, where each individual is valued. There are shared understandings about how people treat each other, and children are involved in cooperative group learning and self-reflection.

TRIBES is a step-by-step process that enhances the capacity of the whole school community to build an inclusive, emotionally safe, brain compatible learning environment, a process that engages all students as active lifelong learners and works to achieve specific learning goals. This is achieved through students and staff honouring five agreements:-

  • Attentive listening
  • Appreciations/No put downs
  • Mutual respect
  • The right to think
  • Personal best

The results are that children (and staff):-

  • Feel included and appreciated by peers and teachers
  • Are respected for their different abilities, cultures, gender, interests and dreams
  • Are actively involved in their own learning
  • Have positive expectations from others that they will succeed.

Students also learn a set of collaborative skills so they can work well together in long-term groups (TRIBES). The focus is how to:-

  • Help each other work on tasks
  • Set goals and solve problems
  • Monitor and assess progress
  • Celebrate achievements


Inspiring students • Empowering teachers • Engaging parents

MSPS has partnered with the Resilience Project to deliver evidence based programs throughout our classrooms. Each student receives a learning journal for activities within the classroom. Through presentations, student curriculum, teacher resources and digital content, The Resilience Project’s Education Programs support mental health in the classroom, staffroom and family home.

The research is clear; the more positive emotion you experience, the more resilient you will be. For that reason we focus on three key pillars that have been proven to cultivate positive emotion; GratitudeEmpathy and Mindfulness (GEM), with Emotional Literacy being a foundational skill to practise these strategies.

Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships

The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships learning materials have been designed for teachers in primary and secondary schools to develop students’ social, emotional and positive relationship skills. Efforts to promote social and emotional skills and positive gender norms in children and young people has been shown to improve health related outcomes and subjective wellbeing. It also reduces antisocial behaviours including engagement in gender-related violence.

The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) learning materials cover eight topics of Social and Emotional Learning: Emotional Literacy; Personal Strengths; Positive Coping; Problem Solving; Stress Management; Help Seeking; Gender and Identity; and Positive Gender Relationships.

Student Wellbeing Captains/ student Voice

Students have the opportunity to contribute to and provide feedback on decisions about school operations through school leadership opportunities as members of the Principal’s Advisory Leaders (PALS) and the Student Action Leaders (SALS).

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

This program operates for students in Years 3 – 6.

Cross-age buddy system

Preps with Year 6 students participate in carefully planned transition programs to support students moving into different stages of their schooling. This includes Bridges To School, Step Up to the Next Level and 6-7 transition

Year 6 – 7 transition includes links with feeder schools throughout the year for various activities such as debating, school sports and leadership sessions etc.

Positive behaviour and student achievement

is acknowledged in the classroom, and formally in school assemblies and communication to parents

Monitoring and implementing attendance improvement strategies:

at a whole-school, cohort and individual level

BYOD 1 to 1 iPad program from Years 4 – 6

Please see the MSPS website


Parents are kept informed of relevant parenting issues by;

  • Articles from Michael Grose and Andrew Fuller are periodically included in the newsletter
  • The provision of parenting workshops and information sessions are provided occasionally
  • Library – the Student Wellbeing section has a variety of reference books and picture story books available for parents to borrow.

The school provides specialised services from a psychologist, speech pathologist and occupational therapist on an individual needs basis. Prep students also have access to a school nurse provided by the Department of Education.

From Year 3 onwards, students can join the school choir. Students can access private music tuition through the instrumental music program and they can also access private sports coaching.

The school will continue to implement proactive strategies to promote academic excellence within a culture that fosters positive relationships, engagement and wellbeing.

Mental Health Pilot Program

Montmorency South Primary School participates in the Mental Health in Primary School’s Pilot Program funded by the Victorian Government and Ian Potter Foundation, which aims to provide mental health support for students in primary schools. The pilot is delivered in partnership between the Department of Education and Training, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education to provide training and resources to support staff to understand and respond to mental health issues that affect primary school aged students. The focus is to build strong connections between schools and local health services so that students and families are getting the support they need. MSPS was in the first roll out of this program for 10 Victorian Schools in 2020.


Zones of Regulation

Smiling minds

Kids help line

Banyule parent hub

Nillumbik Parent Hub –


Out of School Hours Care


Parent Info Leaflet 2021

Rocketeers partner withs Camp Australia to deliver tailored before and after school experiences in Your OSHC. When it is school holiday time, Rocketeers blasts off with extraordinary holiday adventures. Register to book:

Camp Australia Welcome Back Newsletter Term 1 2021

Camp Australia. Guiding children

Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centred on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.

Camp Australia recognises that children need a different experience in term time to the experience they have on their holidays. Families can choose Your OSHC for before and after school experiences during term, or Rocketeers during the holidays.

Your OSHC. OSHC that inspires.

Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

At Your OSHC by Camp Australia, every before school, after school and pupil free day program is tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.

Rocketeers. Extraordinary Holiday Adventures.

Rocketeers – Extraordinary Holiday Adventures

Rocketeers by Camp Australia is a space for children to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary during their school holidays. Every school holiday break is a new mission for children to embark upon. With carefully designed programs, directed by the children and informed by family feedback, no two days are the same with Rocketeers. Experiences planned could include games, arts & crafts, sport, excursions, cooking, coding and more.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.

OSHC Program

MSPS offers a before and after school care program each day. The program is run by Camp Australia.

A weekly program of activities is on display in the OSHC area.

Before school care hours are 7am – 8:45am, with breakfast provided.
After school care hours are 3:30pm – 6pm, with a snack provided.

On pupil-free days, all day care will be provided if there is sufficient need.

On the last day of term, OSHC is available from 2:30pm when the school day finishes.

We offer holiday care on the school holidays aside from the end of the year until early January. Sessions are from 7:00am – 6:00pm. Breakfast and a fruit snack is included, lunch will need to be provided by parents.

It is necessary to register your child before using the OSHC program. Some families may be eligible for childcare
assistance and families will need to contact the Family Assistance Office prior to registering with the Camp Australia program.
More information can be found at Camp Australia

Holiday Club at MSPS

Following the announcement of the Government’s Child Care Package, Holiday Club at Montmorency South Primary School will be open these school holidays. Please contact Camp Australia to book your spot.

Care is available for all children of essential service workers. Camp Australia are taking a careful and considered approach to their service delivery to ensure the safety of children and staff with the following measures:

No excursions this autumn
They will be replaced with other activities for the day within the service environment.

Incursion providers
Incursion provider will be required to sign a form that ensures their staff meet the requirements of the department of health for self-isolation, hygiene and social distancing.

Hygiene practices
Camp Australia already operates with strict cleanliness and hygiene policies; however they’ve reinforced and updated these as part of their cautious approach to COVID-19.

  • Handwashing policies have been communicated with educators, reiterating government advice. This information is also being passed along to all children in care.
  • Surface sanitiser is being used to sanitise all benches, resources and other high-use areas before, during and after the service.
  • The service tablet is now strictly being used by only one educator, who will sign children in and out, upon authorising the parent/guardian.
  • If a child or educator begins to show any symptoms of a cold/the flu, strict action will be taken to isolate.

Social distancing
To help significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19, social distancing practices are being put in place. This is aimed at reducing the extent of close contact we have with one another. Although this is a challenging concept in childcare, they are committed to do their part in adapting to professional advice, as it emerges.

  • Large groups will be broken up into smaller groups, where possible, with one educator per group to minimise potential contact.
  • Children will not be queuing up in long close-contact lines, and all sign-ins will be delivered quickly and efficiently.
  • Any food will be served with tongs by the educators, to avoid multiple people handling them.
  • Where possible, we will spread the groups between our different licensed spaces to provide the children more space.
  • Programs will avoid any contact games, such as football, chasey, etc.
  • Incursions will be split up and run in groups to avoid large groups in a singular space.

Whilst their primary concern is the safety of all children, they understand it is a term break and want to provide children with some fun to keep them happy, busy and engaged.

Enquiries: 0405 440 678

Medical Forms

Dietary Preference Form
This form is to be used if your child has any dietary requirements

Medication Authority Form
This form is to be used when medication is to be administered at school, ie antibiotics.

General Medical Advice Form
This form will assist the school in developing a Student Health Support Plan, for a health condition or first aid requirement, which outlines how the school will support the student’s health care needs.

Parents & Friends Committee

The Parents & Friends (P&F) Group is an essential part of Montmorency South Primary School and is primarily responsible for fundraising to better improve the facilities at school for our children. It is fun, social and rewarding and includes every parent, family member and friend of the children of Monty South. The school depends on our fundraising to ensure we maintain and continue to provide the excellent education and facilities our children deserve. Along with the events we organise comes the smiles and memories for our children that they can cherish for a long time. Our events cannot be successfully run without parents and carers volunteering their time and efforts.

Over the past couple of years, the P&F Group has funded the playground outside the gym/Year 6 building including construction of the boat, steps and balustrades. Paving and garden beds, replacement of the goal posts on the oval, cubby houses , Prep playground, grade 6 seating area and table tennis table and general landscaping areas have been funded by our events.

In March 2020, we held our very first Fete. It was such an amazing event with our community coming together for a fantastic day just before the pandemic changed our lives. This also was the last big event we were able to organise due to Covid-19. We have planned our next Fete for March 2023.

Whilst fundraising is a crucial part of the P&F Group’s role within MSPS, our events are about providing a service to our school community and creating fun activities for our kids, such as the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day activities, indoor movie night, school disco, second hand uniform sales, colour fun run, and more. We also assist the school with events where required. Our events are always great fun for the children and we love to see our school community come together on such occasions. This year we will continue our events whilst following the coronavirus guidelines.

Please check on compass for more info regarding events and also the updates at the Montmorency South Primary School Facebook page – Montmorency South Primary School and our P&F Page – MSPS Parents & Friends The P&F Group , a sub comitee from School Council, is incredibly fortunate to have the support of the teaching staff and our principal Leanne Sheean. Leanne attends our meetings and provides valuable advice, support and insight into what is happening at MSPS. The P&F Group meets on a monthly basis and the meetings are informal yet productive! ALL parents are welcome whether you have been at MSPS for a few years or are new to the school in 2022. The more people who attend the meetings the better the forum for discussion of fundraising ideas. Being part of the P&F Group will enable you to meet a wide range of parents from all year levels, hear the monthly Principal’s Report and have the opportunity to ask questions and offer ideas ahead of time, have your say on how best to raise money and what items the money being raised could be used for. However, most importantly, you will get the reward of lots of smiling faces of the children to thank you for your involvement within our exceptional school community.

We welcome anyone who would like to join this group; you decide the level of commitment suitable to your situation. Your commitment need not be arduous. If you would like to attend a meeting at any time you are warmly welcome to do so to see what we do.

Meeting dates 2022 starting at 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 18th May – onsite

Wednesday 15th June – online

Wednesday 20th July – onsite

Wednesday 17th August – online

Wednesday 19th October – onsite

Wednesday 16th November – online

Wednesday 14th December (this is the 2nd week of Dec) TBC – this date may change for final social dinner/meeting

For more information:


Student Leaders – 2022